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Jenn Ashton

Lettering Artist + 

Marketing Professional

Helping businesses 

spark loyalty 

with handcrafted connection

Live personalization: Foil lettering on bows at a recital

From Allegro Dance Studio owner:

"It's important to us that dancers feel valued in the dance environment. We had a lot of positive feedback about the personalization of bows ... so unique and beautiful!"

"I really enjoyed walking away with something in hand that was made just for me."

Jaeden May, Adams Wealth; Event: Women In Business Luncheon, personalizing bookmarks

ashtonink Services

On-site Personalization: events, brand activation

In-Studio Personalization: corporate gifting

Digital Calligraphy: branding, spot calligraphy

Creative Workshops (Coming Soon): in-person & online

Why do I love calligraphy? 

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Others available upon request

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